Our Methodologies - Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process: Our considerable expertise in tailoring IT solutions to your business needs has given us the flexibility to work with various SDLC approaches, depending on your requirements and processes. The most common approaches that we use with our clients are:

Waterfall Approach:

This approach refers to the linear development life cycle in which the process is divided into six different phases: Requirement gathering and analysis; software design; implementation; testing; deployment; and maintenance. Once a phase is finished, the development simply flows into the next phase automatically. We use this approach when our client has a defined set of goals that need to be achieved during the project and we are able to gather all requirements properly in the first phase. This approach helps us ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations by delivering a high-quality product that meets their vision and needs.


Agile Approach:

This approach is designed to mitigate risks that arise due to too many changes to critical success factors for a project. In this approach, we work incrementally to deliver quick high-quality deliverables to the client. These deliverables are practical and provide instant and visible value to the client. We also work to keep the client team engaged in the project so that we can understand and exceed their expectations. In addition, we continuously interact with our client team to understand their feedback and integrate it as soon as possible into the deliverables.




We understand how badly-developed software can ruin our reputation in the market and also result in huge losses for our clients. Therefore, we have developed a huge internal expertise and knowledge base around testing processes. Our expertise in the testing domain ensures that we deliver bug-free high-quality code to our clients. Due to this focus, our software is free of errors and provides accurate and optimal outputs.



We have developed huge internal capabilities and competencies to work with the following technologies:
1. Microsoft .Net
3. Java/J2EE
4. Oracle Database
5. MySQL Database
6. MS SQL Database
7. PeopleSoft