Our knowledge and expertise in various domains helps us understand where our client is going and what he needs to reach there successfully. Our focus on aligning our client's business strategy with innovative IT solutions has earned us kudos from our previous clients. These are the domains where we have extensive knowledge and consulting expertise:


Whether it is setting up a simple online store or a complicated order processing system with shopping visual product catalogues, and customized CRMs, we can do it all for you. For example, let's say you sell customized products. In this case, we can even create applications that will let your customers see different customizations and visualizations online and then buy. All this to make you rich and your customer happy.


we have helped our clients like banks and financial institutions create new business opportunities and take advantage of the existing ones. We have helped our clients in implementing IT solutions to reduce their costs, comply with new regulations, and provide better customer service. We have been pioneers in seamlessly integrating these IT solutions with our clients’ business processes, thereby providing a smooth transition and execution.


Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. One of the challenges faced by this industry is the huge amount of data and how to process it efficiently. We work with our clients to identify and implement IT solutions that can streamline the huge information overload generated due to insurance claims, medical bills, and clinical data.

Supply Chain Management:

Improving your supply management processes can help you reduce unnecessary expenditure and boost your bottom line. We can help you streamline your operations by creating and implementing custom IT solutions that can be used for customer relationship management, internal supply chain management, and supplier relationship management. Our considerable consulting skills and extensive knowledge of business processes helps us innovate and provide quality solutions that are tailored to fit your business needs.


E-learning is growing by leaps and bounds today. All you need is a user-friendly, stable, and robust e-learning solution to set you up in this market. We provide SCORM-compliant web and application based e-learning solutions that include various collaboration tools for different audience types. We have considerable expertise in developing virtual classrooms, enabling content sharing and collaboration, implementing online exams, and streaming audio and video.

Audio and Video:

The world is networking and so can you, with the help of our expertise and knowledge. Regardless of the domain that you belong to, networking with others brings a distinctive edge to your business and helps you stand up to the competition in the market. Whether it is streaming audio or video, implementing software for audio chats, working with VoIP applications, enabling encoding and decoding of various video and audio formats, or video compression, we have a proven track record of delivering successful custom solutions for all our clients.


Wireless is more today. The wireless world is continuously evolving with the help of new inventions every day. We can help you use this movement and flexibility to improve your business and generate profits. With our skills and knowledge, we can help you identify the IT solutions in this domain that will fit seamlessly with your needs. Our expertise lies in developing innovative enterprising mobile solutions, interactive wireless games, and customized software involving mobile technology.